Discovering, developing and deploying
the next generation of technologies to fight global poverty.

Food Security, Agriculture & Rural Poverty

Increasing smallholder farm productivity. Creating new mechanisms for storage, preservation and transportation of produce. Improving market access for farmers and farmer organizations. Improving data collection on agricultural development.


Improving education quality and access. Closing the digital divide.

Urban Poverty

Improving quality of life in urban slums. Creating economic opportunities for the urban poor production, distribution and servicing of new technologies.

Health, Water & Sanitation

New solutions for preventing, diagnosing and treating infectious and non-communicable diseases. Building the next generation of ultra-low-cost medical devices and clinics to serve the global poor.

Operation ASHA, India

Resilience to Environmental Damage, Natural Disaster & Conflict

Enabling vulnerable communities mitigate--and recover from--the effects of climate change, natural disasters, environmental degradation and war.

Governance, Rule of Law & Human Rights

Improving transparency. Providing a platform for the citizen's voice.

Household Quality of Life

The next generation of low-cost, off-grid household appliances for the bottom of the global economic pyramid.

Michael Helms

Low-Carbon Pathways to Workplace Productivity

A new generation of low-cost energy-efficient machines to reduce manual and dangerous workload.

Women's Inclusion & Empowerment

Women-centered technologies and tools--for the household, at the workplace, and in the community--to help increase their effectiveness as the engines of economic and social development.

The World Bank

Water Access & Security

Capturing data on global and local threat to water scarcity. Technologies for improving usage efficiency and reducing waste. Making unusable water usable.

Energy Production & Storage

New, low-cost mechanisms for producing renewable energy to serve low-income families. New, inexpensive and environmentally friendly batteries.

The World Bank

Information & Communications Technology

New devices and tools for education, transparency and services.