Water Access & Security


The world's water crisis is already here: India's dropping water tables are leading to significant social unrest, and its growing urban population is now turning to what little surface water there is; climate change has reduced rainfall in the Horn of Africa so much, that the region is facing a catastrophic drought; and places like Bangladesh have so much biological and chemical contamination of their various water sources that it has led to the single largest case of mass poisoning in human history.  The problem needs to be tackled on multiple fronts: converting unusable water into usable forms, reducing waste and inefficiency, and improving quality (especially for household use).

Current portfolio

  • Desalination of brackish water (using a patented, improved capacitative deionization).
  • Integrated water purification systems, combining technolgies we have already deployed (over the past decade) with enhancements and new technologies.
  • A project to significantly improve global understanding and information on water security.  We have developed a new model (called the Water Chokepoint Index) for assessing the "water insecurity level" of a municipality, provice, or country.  The index combines consumption, wastage and recharge, and the implied risk to food security, energy security and household quality of life.